Welcome to our inostor store!

Welcome to our store, our mission is to provide excellent customer service to meet the needs of our customers, we believe that everyone should own a piece of jewelry that makes them feel good about themselves. We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable shopping experience and adding a touch of sparkle and beauty to your life.

Our Story

Since our inception in March 2010, our jewelry store has gone through an exciting and challenging entrepreneurial journey. In the early days of our business, we were just a small home studio of passionate and creative jewelry designers. We offered our customers the unique experience of handcrafting each piece of jewelry. Over time, we decided to expand our operations. Today, we are a large group of over sixty people. However, we still stick to our original intention to bring you more beautiful pieces to embellish your life.

Our Creators

Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic and talented jewelry designers who are passionate about the art of jewelry and possess exquisite handcraft skills. They are not only skilled in traditional jewelry making techniques, but also dare to break the traditional boundaries and experiment with novel design concepts and materials. Pursuing uniqueness and individuality, these young creators have an in-depth understanding of fashion trends and customer needs to create eye-catching jewelry collections.