Moon Heart Meditation Spinner Ring

Size:  4


The Sterling Silver Moon Heart Spinning Ring is a beautiful and stylish accessory for every day wear. Worry ring, also known as spinning rings or meditation rings are worn on the finger or thumb to keep your fingers occupied, giving you something to do with your hands that many people find soothing, like writing out a worry list or pressing a worry stone. These anxiety ring make great gifts for someone you love.

If you struggle with nail biting, then this Moon Heart Meditation Spinner Ring is great for you. This small yet reassuring piece of jewelry is made from Sterling Silver and has a beautiful iconic design that appeals to both men and women. 

Keep your mind off those incessant little worries that can nibble at our sense of calm.  Play with it, focus on it, enjoy the tranquility of this contemporary piece.


- .925 Sterling Silver

- Genuine Moonstone